The 10 Childhood Crushes Every Betch Had Growing Up | Betches

The 10 Childhood Crushes Every Betch Had Growing Up

By Miss Ameribetch

Your betchhood was rich with many things like money and attention, but one thing was always constant: boys. You were boy crazy from the very first mandatory (boring) Valentine you ever received. Years of being boy crazy meant your crush game was strong. Sure, kids these days have the internet and vapes, but our childhood crushes were fueled by 7th Heaven theme songs and our imaginations. Some might say love is blind and that it’s wrong to judge who you like, but we say if your favorite Blink 182 band member was Travis then we’re def judging you. Here’s our very important and very practical list of the betchiest childhood crushes.

Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch was the boyfriend many of us wanted in betchhood. He was cute, dumb, and obsessed with her. Sabrina is always casting spells on Harvey because she can’t decide if he’s like, The One, which was a pretty accurate account of what dating would be. Like if we had a diamond for every time we were like “I’m not sure if I like him but I think I’m in love with him” we’d be Zales.




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