The 10 Filthiest Songs From Our Childhood | Betches

TBT: The Most Inappropriate Songs Our Parents Should Never Have Let Us Listen To

We all had our favorite songs as a preteen. Most of the time, they were harmless nonsense, like "Mmmbop," for example. But now that we're older, we've realized that a lot of the jams we listened to in middle school was super inappropriate and our parents never should have let us listen to that filth in the first place. Here's a roundup of the best/worst songs we never should have been allowed to grind to at bar mitzvahs. Gotta love our parents for being just as white and clueless as us.

This song is literally about meeting a one-night stand at a club who's very DTF. WTF did we think Lil Jon meant by "now back, back, back it up"? Ludacris even has a line about filling cups like double D's and "if you hold the head steady I'mma milk the cow," which couldn't have meant anything good. Sounds like a weird hand or blow job metaphor? IDK. Pretty sure this was also the song that introduced us to the expression "a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed," which a 12-year-old should NOT be concerned about. "Yeah" was, of course, the jam, but it probably shouldn't have been played at every school-sanctioned dance.




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