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10 Signs You're Not Ready For A Commitment

By Miss Ameribetch

Do you freak out when someone asks you where you see yourself in 5 years? Because um, you literally have no idea? So you’re not a commitment oriented person. That’s fine.  When it comes to relationships though, things get a little tricky. Sure, maybe you’re in love with someone, but something’s still keeping you from getting serious. If you’re wondering whether it’s him or you that’s holding back – here’s a few signs it might be you. 


One week you meet a travel journalist and are inspired to quit your job to travel. Another week you watch a Taylor Swift concert and imagine yourself in a few years performing to a sold out audience – you don’t play music now, but you could. It’s not that you’re not excited about your future, because you know it will fucking rock. It’s just that you have no idea which direction it’s going in.




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