10 Thoughts Everyone Has While On Pinterest | Betches

10 Thoughts Everyone Has While On Pinterest

By Betchen Wieners

Whether it’s a mindless way to entertain yourself throughout the workday or the only thing keeping you from committing suicide mid-lecture, Pinterest has found its way into the hearts of betches everywhere. After its debut in 2010, the website became one of our favorite ways to waste time. What I personally have gained from Pinterest is immeasurable. It has provided me with hundreds of recipe ideas, given me exercise inspiration, helped me plan a fictional wedding, etc.

What I’ve found about the supposed “mindless” activity of browsing Pinterest is that there are actually a lot of thoughts going on as I scroll aimlessly down the page: To pin or not to pin? Who is this random foreigner I’m following and why is she always pinning weird shit? I’ve realized I find myself doing and thinking the same things every time I log in, and I’m pretty sure everyone else is too.




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