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10 Tips To Guarantee You Look Amazing In All Your Halloween Instas

By Betchy Crocker

Obv you’re going to be a big social media ho come Halloween. If you dress up as a Playboy Bunny (RIP Hugh) and it isn’t photographed and shared on the internet, did it even happen? But like, Snapchat and Insta and even Facebook can be a double-edged sword. I mean, what if that costume only looks good from the side? What if your “friend” shares a shitty picture and you look 10 pounds heavier, and the guy you’re currently stringing along sees it and decides he’d rather pursue a more in shape betch? The horrors. We’re here to guide your Halloween and everyday social media thirst trapping. By sticking to our 10 rules, you too can look skinny and super photogenic even when you’re clearly not.

1. Angles Are Everything

Taking a picture from eye level or below makes you look like a dumpy weirdo. Add to that a v skanky costume and you’ll look like 10 pounds of sausage stuffed into a five pound bag. No offense, but it’s true. If your friend is like, really your friend, make her angle that shit from above. Like, think of every time you’ve taken a selfie (a lot). You ALWAYS look skinnier and better when the camera is angled above your eyeline—never below.


2. Don’t Wear Bulky Clothes

This shouldn’t be an issue on Halloween, since we ALL KNOW it’s the one day a year you can dress like a total slut. So, make sure that lingerie you plan on wearing is nicely pressed and looks great with your skin tone.

3. Yes, Put Your Hand On Your Hip

Everyone fucking knows that hands on hips make your arms skinnier and allow you to thrust out your collar bone, making you look v model-esque. Don’t smash your upper arm against your body, because I literally promise you’ll look chubby.

Hand On Hip

4. Wear Dark Shit

I mean, my closet is full of all BLACK E’ERYTHING, so this isn’t an issue for me. But for those of you who like, LOVE pastels (stop), maybe try some darker clothing so your lines appear slimmer. Or don’t, and look like an Easter bunny. IDC. You also def wanna ditch any giant, loud patterns as they’ll just draw attention to all the areas where you least want it.

5. Chill With The Hairstyles

I get that it’s Halloween and your slutty beer wench costume demands braids, but chill tf out. The tighter you pull your hair, the more strained your face will be, making you look honestly not cute. Looser hairstyles and pieces of hair to frame your face will be much more flattering.

Missi Pyle Dodgeball

6. Cross Your Ankles

Sounds stupid, but is v true. If you get caught about to be part of a Snap and you’re sitting down, cross your ankles. It’ll make your legs look longer and your ass less giant. Do the same if you’re standing—it’ll pull everything in in the best way.

7. Try To Look Natural

Action shots of you walking, doing cool shit with your arms, laughing with friends, or chugging a beer (maybe not?) are ALWAYS going to be cuter than if you’re standing facing a camera, wondering wtf to do with your hands.

Gigi Hadid

8. Wear Heels

This goes without fucking saying. Your feet will hurt, but your legs and butt will thank you.

9. Push Your Chin Out

According to the internet, Heidi Klum fucking loves sticking her chin out in pics to avoid a double chin, and she puts her tongue on the roof of her mouth to tighten her face muscles. IDK if that shit is true, but I tried it in the privacy of my office and I def look slightly better, JUST SAYING.

Heidi Klum

10. In Group Pics, Change It Up

If everyone in the Halloween group shot does the same thing, whoever is viewing the pic is going to more easily pick out the flaws. Also, if you’re standing on the end, that’s even more likely. So, make sure everyone is doing something different and like, be in the middle. 




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