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11 Apps Every Real World Betch Needs

By The Betches

Contrary to stereotypical and outdated beliefs, it’s actually not attractive when a female is unintelligent and clueless. Although Elle Woods was able to pull off the “dumb blonde but law school smart” routine, the rest of us will never be so lucky.

Through college many betches were able to get away with being unknowledgeable about current events because “they’re so busy with school” and “live in a bubble.” Newsflash: every good betch will graduate one day and be thrown into the real world. Here you will be expected to at least have general knowledge on politics, current events, the economy, foreign affairs, and the business world. You’ll get a job (fingers crossed) and this job will expect you to function all day doing activities that don’t involve Twitter and Instagram. And you’ll have bills, and a commute, and will have to make small talk with strangers on a regular basis.

This is a lot, I know *just breath*. But fear not, the combination of todays technological advancements and our obsessions with iPhones has lead to the development of smartphone applications for just about anything. Here are a list of iPhone apps to help you function as a Real World, Grown Up Betch.




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