5 Diets You Might Actually Enjoy in 2016 | Betches

5 Diets You Might Actually Enjoy in 2016

By Betch No. 5

First things first - I hate people who say "Don't say diet, it has the word DIE in it. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle."

Now then. A diet is the food and fluids that you consume on a daily basis, so yeah, in a way it's a lifestyle. And in a way, we all DIE a little inside when we eat right because we're human fucking beings.

Anyway. Since 2016 just started and every betch in the world is regretting their "Holiday Diet" and looking into starting a new healthy lifestyle (please), I figured I would help you all out and compile a list of diets you might actually like trying this year. Happy eating, betches! 




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