23 Questions BuzzFeed Has About Boners, Answered | Betches

23 Questions BuzzFeed Has About Boners, Answered

By The Head Pro

Fuckin' boners - how do they work? The ladies of BuzzFeed wanted to know, as evidenced by their recent post, 23 Questions Women Have For Men About Boners. As the only one around here with the capacity to achieve and maintain an erection (Sgt. Olivia Betchson seems pretty aggressive tho, just sayin'), I figure it's my duty to supply answers. I'd say the dudes still frothing over in the comments on the Dad Body article could chime in, but those fat fucks probably haven't seen their boners in years.

I deserve a bonus just for the .gifs I had to google to put this together. Leave your boner-related questions below.




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