Introducing: Petches | Betches

Introducing: Petches

By The Betches

Attention Betches:

So we've been getting a little bored of our usual routine and have decided to shake it up a bit. For those of us who love our little dogs more than our own flesh and blood (your petch never took away your credit card!), we introduce to you our newest column, Petches. Pets dressed as betches, fucking duh.

katy perry dog


How betchy is your pet? The Betches want to see your betchy little dogs, cats, fish, chimps, Giggy, possoms, whatevski, dressed in the betchiest way possible. Whether you teach your dachsund to channel his inner celebrity and refuse to feed him until he looks like Kate Moss, or you go for the generic petch with plain little puppy Loubs, we can't wait to see what you come up with. Send your photo submissions of your betchy pets with their name, where they're from, who their owners are, and why your pet is the ultimate betch for a chance to be featured on Betches Love This!

Please email all submissions to [email protected] with the subject "PETCHES". Happy holidays, and may the best petch win!






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