The Top 4 Hangover Food Cures | Betches

The Top 4 Hangover Food Cures

By Betchy Crocker

Being hungover, unfortunately, happens. We like to pretend it doesn’t, and also, that it isn’t happening more and more and more frequently the older we get (curse you, time). To no avail, it continues to occur and we say, “fuck that.”

There must be legitimate ways to combat the common hangover. Namely, there must be something we can eat and or drink the next morning to at least temporarily stave off the pain, dizziness, and general shitty feeling associated with blacking out the night before. Oh well.

Here are four of our favorite and best utilized food fixes for ensuring you can go hard without going home. Yay!

1. Eggs

Although the bright yellow of a sunny, scrambled egg could make your stomach turn, eggs are actually a great hangover cure. They’re easily digestible and are packed with protein, which actually can help soak up the awesomeness toxins from the night before.





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