4 Year-Old Takes Bus to Get Slushy at 3 AM, Same | Betches

4 Year-Old Takes Bus to Get Slushy at 3 AM, Same

By Queen Elizabetch

Annabelle Mager is 4 years old and desperately needed a slushy at 3 am (whether this was post bottle of wine or joint, idk), so she tried to take a bus. This girl is your new spirit animal.

Annabelle's phone was probs dead (thanks for that 9 minute battery Tim Cook) so she couldn't order an Uber and didn't want her parents to take her to the store, how embarassing. Her only option was to take public transportation, ugh. She tried to take this bus, but the driver called bullshit on a 4 year old trying to get 1500 calories at 3am - clearly he's never seen Taco Bell near a college campus. So the driver called the police who called her mom and started yelling, it was so ridiculous.

Best part of the story is that Annabelle's parents bought her a slushy after the whole ordeal. Homegirl can't read yet and is already a master at manipulating adults.






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