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These 5 Challenges Are The New Thigh Gap

There are two things in life that one should hate above else. One, being fat, and two, no never mind that's all. The best way to let people know that you really hate being fat is to be skinny, and the best way to let people know you're skinny is to remind them again and again on social media until they unfollow you and call your mom "out of concern" (i.e. jealously). 

With things like the #iPhone6KneesChallenge, and the #A4WaistChallenge (see below) it's really easy to prove that you're thin to strangers and the people from high school and college you don't give two fucks about anymore. 

So here are some new ways to show everyone that you're not "Tundra Taylor" anymore BECAUSE IT'S BEEN 15 YEARS ERIKA FUCKING HERNANDEZ LET IT GO. Sorry where was I again? Oh yes, the newest ways to prove that you're skinny on social media—along with the necessary hashtags you can use to (as RuPaul said) find your very skinny tribe and then never eat with them. 

Ask a random stranger on the street if your knuckles look fat. If they say yes, punch them in the face. If they say no, congratulations. You have the physique of the most slender VS super model. Take a pic of your thin, untarnished knuckles, and move the fuck on.




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