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5 Celebs Who Should Basically Live At Coachella

Going to Coachella has recently become more basic than blacking out on New Years or going on Birthright. What was once a festival for real hipsters and indie artists is now like, busier than the brunch line at By Chloe. Like, raise your hand if you’re actually a vegan.

Not that we’re against the idea of venturing out to the middle of the desert on a regular weekend to smoke weed and drink coconut water, but not everyone can pull off the Coachella vibes. Over the years, Coachella has become one of the hottest celebrity scenes, and most of these celebs don’t give a shit about music.

However, we decided to pick out the five celebs that literally embody Coachella. I mean, because anyone can be a hipster with some fringes and a plane ticket, right?

Remember that time in summer camp when you to spray painted your hair blue for color war? Well, Emma Roberts goes just as hard for Coachella. This year, Emma died her hair “desert rose” just for the festival, and yes, she hashtagged that made-up color on her Instagram. She totally pulls it off, though. Emma’s cute enough for Nickelodeon but has enough distressed denim to party at Coachella every year.




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