5 Cold Hard Life Facts That Are Harsh But True | Betches

5 Cold Hard Life Facts That Are Harsh But True

By Betch Waldorf

We’ve all had to do it, and frankly, it never really bothered us like it did for most people. Being a betch just comes naturally to us, and that means we obvi say some fucked up shit along the way.

Some call it tough love but in reality we’re just saying what everyone is thinking but are too much of a wimp to say themselves. Whenever someone is like “wow, that was way harsh Tai.” You’re like, "honestly, you were thinking it too so go fuck yourself."

The way I see it, being a good friend is being honest. And my favorite excuse for serving up a dish of the cold hard truth is saying “honesty is the best policy.

So if you’re too emotionally unstable for the truth a) what the fuck are you doing on this site and b) you better strap yourself down because this is going to be a bumpy fucking ride. Here are the things no one is telling you the truth about because it’s too betchy for your virgin ears to hear. Sorry, the truth hurts.




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