The Top 5 Colleges With The Betchiest Sports Fans | Betches

The Top 5 Colleges With The Betchiest Sports Fans

By The Betches

As every betch knows, college game days aren't really about sports.

Game days are about waking up with a mimosa in hand to fight off the hangover from the night before. Then finding that perfect outfit, the one that screams "I'm cute and care about sports" but isn't trying too hard. Heading to the tailgate with frat bros, posing with a skinny arm for an Instagram pic with your bestie, drinking warm alcohol, waking up outside the stadium with a Domino's pizza box in hand, and losing your dignity in the process.

That's what really matters about sports. We, the betches, felt it was our civic duty to break down the best traditions and tailgates across the country, and give our betchy stamp of approval to all of you betches that use sports to get really drunk. Because win or lose, it's all about the booze.




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