5 Discreet Ways To Do Nothing At Work | Betches

5 Discreet Ways To Do Nothing At Work

By Golden Gate Betch

Unless you’re lucky enough to born into the Kardashian klan, at some point in between your European grad trip and first engagement to an investment banker, you’re going to have to get a job. Some betches will go on to “work for their dad” aka decorate his office, or land a job in PR because of their “amaze function planning skills.”

Regardless of what job you actually end up with, one thing is for certain: you will spend a majority of your time not doing any actual work. It's simple, the key to is to not get fired, while also not doing nothing at all. Honestly, sometimes just pretending to work seems harder than doing the actual work would be…but we wouldn’t really know. Here are 5 discreet ways to pass the time so that you don’t get caught not doing shit at work.




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