5 Female Co-Workers That Are Literally The Worst | Betches

5 Female Co-Workers That Are Literally The Worst

By Betchen Wieners

One of the worst parts of joining the semi-adult world (other than having to switch from liquor to wine on weeknights) is the painstaking necessity of remaining employed. This means showing up at a reasonable hour, staying conscious for the majority of the workday and dealing with all the assholes around you without losing your shit. This last responsibility is no easy task, especially when it comes to working with other women. Guys can be just as irritating, but fear of sexual harassment charges tends to keep them at bay. When dealing with women, being a betch in the workplace makes you a target: either for adoring fans or jealous, middle-aged psychos. So, we’ve broken down the list of 5 female co-workers who are literally the worst.




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