5 Hair Trends To Try This Summer | Betches

5 Hair Trends To Try This Summer

From your mid-winter keratin mistake to your spring break ombre, you’ve all tried out way too many hair trends over the years. As betches, we’ve always prioritized our hair. Idolizing Lauren Conrad’s perfect fishtails and collecting endless butterfly clips were like, staples of our childhood, and we haven’t stopped spending a shit ton of time and money on our hair as we’ve aged. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this summer, try out one of these five new trends. Or try all five. It’s a long summer.

Also called “pewter blonde,” this color dye is less tacky than your typical platinum but makes more of a statement than dirty blonde. The shine in icy blonde adds a silver vibe to your hair and will make any skin tone look tan. Jennifer Lawrence has recently been rocking this shade and it makes her look more badass than her bow and arrow in the Hunger Games.




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