5 Herbs To Help You De-Stress—No, Not Weed | Betches

5 Herbs To Help You De-Stress—No, Not Weed

You probs saw the title and thought: MARI-JAH-WANNA! But, no. Today we’re focusing on our favorite LEGAL herbs to keep around your house or office to help you fucking de-stress.

Yah, summer can be a time for chilling out, but it’s also a time when most companies are pedal to the fucking metal. Like universities, for example: Summer is time for all the worst projects that you put off all year because of how goddamn terrible they are.

Because drinking all day, every day is frowned upon, here are our top five favorite herbs to smell and eat while warding off stress.

If you didn’t know about the calming effects of lavender by now, wtf. There’s a reason you see lavender in lotions, pillow mists, sprays, sleeping masks, and every-fucking-thing else. Sniff the dried or fresh flowers to help calm the fuck down, or drink some lavender-infused tea to chill the fuck out.




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