5 Items to have stocked at all times| Betches

5 Items To Literally Have Stocked At All Times

By Betchy Crocker

With two of the fucking worst people on planet Earth running for arguably the most powerful position in the world, I think it’s safe to say that yes, the end of times could be very near. In the event of a nuclear holocaust or your personal shopping spree with an already hurting bank account, your options in terms of money or like, going outside, could be limited. Thankfully, we’re making you a list of things to keep in your fridge and pantry in either case, since leaving the house isn’t really an option.

Ok, I know you aren’t in the habit of probably keeping this around, but you fucking should. It’s a fabulous source of calcium and can totally protect you against certain cancers. Plus, you can add it to a million things from sauces to cereals to baking and shit. Just be sure to use it before it goes bad and your whole fridge fucking reeks.




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