5 Signs You're Being Delusional About Your Ex | Betches

5 Signs You're Being Delusional About Your Ex

Are you still not over your ex? Do you turn over in your bed every night and whisper "I love you" into the darkness? Ew, hopefully not the latter. But maybe you're taking your time moving on, because that's normal. But more than likely you're sad about your relationship ending because you're remembering it wrong. So here's a couple ways you're making it harder for yourself to move on. If you recognize yourself in these behaviors, shut that shit down.

In the soft-focus flashback in your mind, you were perfect for each other. Like soulmates. You liked doing the same things, had the same sense of humor, and—wait, none of this is true. You both liked things that everyone likes, like getting drunk and winning and having fun. But he was super into Star Wars and you liked watching Real Housewives. You got along because you liked each other. Sure, some of the stuff you were into overlapped, but there's a shit ton of stuff you liked that he didn't.




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