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5 Signs You're Having A Quarter Life Crisis

By Betchen Wieners

There comes a time in every 20-something’s life when she starts to question everything she’s ever known. You’re no longer in college living off your bad decisions and parents’ money, but you still aren’t anywhere near having your shit together. Britney Spear’s immortal lyrics, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” have never rung more true. Besides your cell phone bill and car insurance payments, you’re on your own.

Should you be investing money? Should you start taking vitamins? Should you get Life Alert in case you choke or fall while alone in your apartment? These are all valid questions, but they could be signs of a deeper issue: a quarter life crisis. This is excessively common in post-grad women who have never had to really face any challenges in their lives except maybe having to use a cracked iPhone4 for a few weeks. However, as trivial as this may sound to some, it can be a devastating time period for those suffering through it. Learn the signs to know if you, too, could be experiencing a quarter life crisis.

If left untreated, a quarter life crisis can lead to more serious conditions: lack of self-awareness, incessant Facebook status updates pertaining only to you, the unintended use of Tinder as a spouse finder, unwanted pregnancy, etc. Don’t let your crisis take control of your life or you will suffer debilitating consequences. The best way to take control is to embrace your current state in life. You may hate your job, have no current romantic prospects and be witnessing your body slowly decay, but you will never get this time back. It’s only going to get worse from here on out, so you better just get over yourself and stop annoying everyone around you with your bitching. Oh, and maybe look into Botox.




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