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The 5 Stages of Going to the Genius Bar

By Jane Duh

It happens to all of us eventually, one second you're on top of the world, pinning different hair masks you want to try and binge watching Netflix and then --- BAM! Disaster hits. Maybe you spilled water on your laptop (maybe it was wine). Maybe you stood up with it in your lap and cracked the screen. Maybe you just straight up stepped on it while blackout. Maybe you stepped on it while not blackout but you're going to tell all your friends you were blackout so nobody knows you're as much of a dumbass sober as you are drunk. Either way, your laptop/iPhone/iPad is fucked and it is 100% your fault. So what do you do? You don't know shit about computers. But you know of a place where people do...

Here are the 5 stages of going to the Genius Bar:




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