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5 Stages Of Uploading An Instagram

By Say Yes To The Betch

Instagram is pretty much a staple in the lives of betches everywhere. Aside from being our main source of entertainment, fashion, news and gossip, Instagram is our favorite way of making the rest of the world jealous of us. Yeah, we love knowing who rewore last weekend’s outfits at Up & Down last night, but even more important, we love showing our followers how much better our lives are than theirs.

With that being said, if you want to upload a successful photo, the process of Instagramming can be a thorough one. Good thing we took our Adderall this morning. Putting together the perfect Insta can be like a scientific equation (the only science we’ll do without slipping the professor a fifty on the first day.) We admit that sometimes we can get carried away in the process of uploading a pic, but it’s all about that like to minute ratio, right? Let’s go through the 5 stages of uploading an Instagram:




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