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5 People We Would Appoint To The Supreme Court

By Blackout Betch

Unless you’re living under a rock or have an actual drinking problem that inhibits your ability to read the news during your first two hours of work, you probably know something about the major shit show that is the Supreme Court.

Because people are fucking assholes and obsessed with politics, the first thing to cross their minds once Justice Antonin Scalia died last week was who would take his place and what it would mean for #63 America. Like, his body wasn’t even cold yet and everyone was taking to Facebook posting their political views to thousands of people who simply don’t give a shit.

Reading conspiracy theories online does not make you a scholar. Try picking up a book or something, IDK.

If betches ran the country (which honestly wouldn’t be the worst idea—we'd get shit done) there would be few key figures we would consider appointing to the most important court in the country.

Kanye was on the list before he had his breakdown on Twitter this week. No one gives a shit about Twitter anymore, Kanye.




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