5 Things A Betch Never Wants To Hear | Betches

5 Things A Betch Never Wants To Hear

By Say Yes To The Betch

Betches get over bad news before it’s even been delivered. Although we’re used to getting our way, we’re usually pretty chill about it when we don’t. Like, if the pregame is cancelled, let’s just get drunk at my apartment. If the restaurant can’t do dressing on the side, it’s like, whatever, I wasn’t hungry anyway. In fact, even in elementary school when girls made a big deal over where they sat at lunch and where their locker was, we were just there to pass the time while texting our housekeepers our froyo orders. However, no matter how chill a betch reacts to bad news, there are a few rare times when we lose our shit. Here are the 5 things a betch never wants to hear. 




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