5 Things Guys Need To Understand By Now About Girls | Betches

5 Things Guys Need To Understand By Now About Girls

By Betch Waldorf

Yesterday, I was asked this question, followed by an equally dimwitted statement. “Why do girls worry so much about how their hair looks? It’s not that important.” I don’t fucking know dude. Why is the sky blue? Again, not really sure, but I do know that it would look fugly as shit if the sky was army green. I don’t exactly question it, I just know that it looks good and it’s like, science. Think of our hair as the sky, it fucking looks good so don’t question it. 

But it got me thinking, honestly, it’s not rocket science to figure out why girls do the shit that girls do. I mean, sometimes we play games, but for the most part we have some pretty generalized tendencies and thoughts. Sadly, there are so many guys out there who are constantly questioning the reasoning behind certain female behaviors and it’s like, it's 2014, get your shit together.

Because I am such a good person, I am personally going to educate you on the generalized behaviors of girls that you should just not question. I’m only going to write this list once, so gentlemen please kindly take a moment from scratching your balls, find the nearest seat, tie yourself down to whatever chair you're sitting in, because this is going to be a rough fucking ride.




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