5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Pet | Betches

5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Pet

By Betchy Crocker

In an effort to stay skinny and make our pets worship the ground we walk on, we often, accidentally, drop things on the floor. Or, we leave a dish a little close to the edge of the table. Or, we just straight up give our dog the steak we’re too depressed to eat.

All this is well and good, until you realize that a) people food is people food for a reason and b) you could seriously fuck up your pet’s digestion, immune system, and nervous system with some of the shit you give them.

oh no

With that, here are five things you’re seriously stupid for giving your pet:


Want to get rid of the remnants of that stir fry? Feed it to your garbage disposal or hippie neighbor, and spare your pet. This shit can lead to red blood cell damage in dogs and cats, but ESPECIALLY cats. Avoid at all costs, crazy cat ladies.




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