5 Things You Need To Pack For Labor Day | Betches

5 Things You Need To Pack For Labor Day

Labor Day is totally bittersweet because on one hand it means summer is over, but like, on the other hand it’s a long weekend. While we’re dreading pale skin and pumpkin spice season, it’s time to get drunk enough not to care. Whether you’re headed to Montauk, Nantucket, or some Caribbean island that screams “I’ll probably get Zika but this resort is sick,” here are five things you NEED to pack for this weekend.

Labor Day weekend is way too long to be spent sober, and it’s probably the last time this summer you’ll get to black out on a yacht or on a dock by a lake. If you’re going away, make sure you pick up enough alc on the drive there. Nothing sucks more than getting to your weekend lodge upstate and realizing there’s no open bar for at least thirty miles.




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