5 Things Your Uber Driver Knows About You, But Def Shouldn't | Betches

5 Things Your Uber Driver Knows About You, But Def Shouldn't

Because it was so difficult to just raise your hand and hail a cab, the yellow taxi became extinct in 2009 when Uber literally made it possible to just lift one finger to get a personal driver. Unless you’re the person that “doesn’t have the app” so you can mooch off of your friends’ rides (yeah we all caught on to your shit), everyone knows Uber is the greatest invention of all time. Not only does it get you from point A to point B without having to even take out your credit card, and being your only excuse to ever show up in a Toyota Camry, Uber is the cheapest form of therapy for every betch. Whether it is 2 minutes or 2 hours, your Uber ride is the perfect opportunity to make a phone call or just tell your driver your entire life story (as if he gives a shit). You’ve probably spent more time in Ubers than all of your SoulCycle classes combined. From all the time you spend in Uber, your drivers know a lot more about you than you’d think. Here are the 5 things Uber drivers know about you, but definitely shouldn’t.




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