5 Thoughts Everyone Has During Spin Class | Betches

5 Thoughts Everyone Has During Spin Class

By Betches Staff

Spin classes may be the best thing this past decade has had to offer us. Of course I’m referring to the high-end fitness boutiques such as Soul Cycle, Fly Wheel, etc. If your idea of spin class is a non-neon room filled with fat people leisurely pedaling and a less-than-perfect-bodied instructor at your $39.99 per-month gym, you haven’t been to spin class.

Yeah, our idea of spin may not be the cheapest way to exercise, but you get what you pay for: amazing music, fun work outs, and beautiful people surrounding you. But as much as we love it, there are a few things about it that can cause anxiety. So, here you go: 5 thoughts everyone has had (at least once) in a spin class.




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