5 Simple Steps For A Healthy Thanksgiving | Betches

5 Simple Steps For A Healthy Thanksgiving

By Sabrina the Tee...

We’ll admit it, making healthy choices over the holiday season can be difficult. It starts with Thanksgiving, when we're expected to eat thousands of calories worth of turkey, gravy and a side dish that is literally called “stuffing.” While all of this may have been appealing to our fat pilgrim ancestors, it's a crisis for betches who would like to retain their BMI if nothing else this year.

Here’s the good news: You don’t actually have to gain thirty pounds next week. In fact, if you follow our simple five-step program, you may even shed a few lbs. Here’s our easy guide to a healthy Thanksgiving holiday that will leave you feeling light as ever: 

1. Begin emailing your relatives now and ask them for the nutrition facts of every dish they plan to contribute. Inform them that you are gluten-free, vegan, allergic to nuts and cutting out sugar. Offer a list of “approved items” (kale, chia seeds), and encourage them to stick within those ingredients when preparing their food.




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