5 Tricks To Cure Your Hangover | Betches

5 Tricks To Cure Your Hangover

By Say Yes To The Betch

For as long as we can remember, betches have always started their week in the same fashion: completely hung over. In fact, hangovers are practically in our blood. A throbbing stomach ache and a pounding migraine is typical Sunday routine for us, and we don’t mind it. Honestly, if you didn’t wake up this morning to a spinning room and at least five apology texts to send out, your weekend probably sucked.

If you’re lying in bed reading this post, it’s probably past noon and you have shit to do, so let’s get onto the cure. While you might have thought a bagel and 3 Advil would help you get you through your hangover, we have some better tricks to speed up your recovery process. After all, you’re going out again tonight, right?




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