5 Ways To Avoid Ever Having To Do Laundry | Betches

5 Ways To Avoid Ever Having To Do Laundry

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Acting like an adult is something most betches under 30 don’t have a real good grasp on (once you hit 30 though, you really need to get your shit together). One thing betches struggle especially hard with is laundry, or rather, finding ways to go around doing it themselves.

Some people probably see it as stuck-up, but a betch doesn’t do her own laundry because she tried to one time her freshman year, and ended up shrinking half her wardrobe (which wasn’t that big of a problem tbh) and turning all your new clothes pale blue because you forgot not to wash new denim with whites (a huge problem). So it goes without saying that until a betch makes enough money to hire a maid to do her laundry, she has to find ways to get around doing it herself.  Luckily, you have options.




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