5 Ways To Detox After The Shit Show That Was Your Labor Day Betches

5 Ways To Detox After The Shit Show That Was Labor Day

No one warns you about how shitty you’ll feel after Labor Day weekend. Whether you’re swallowing four Advils at a time to cure your hangover, adding up all the scoops of mint chocolate chip you had in the Hamptons, or mourning any trace of your bikini body, it’s safe to say you’re not in the best state right now. Instead of laying around and soaking up every last drop of rosé, it’s time to get your shit back together and detox. Here are five ways to get started.

If you’re feeling like shit, chances are, your lack of sleep is fucking with your body. Cancel any plans past dinnertime, watch an episode of Kardashians, and go to sleep early. A lot of people don’t realize that lack of sleep contributes to bloating, breakouts, and pigging out the next day. And don’t bullshit yourself that you took naps. Passing out in the back of your Uber doesn’t count as sleep.




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