The Top 5 Worst Days Of The Year For Betches | Betches

The Top 5 Worst Days Of The Year For Betches

By Say Yes To The Betch

Betches will use any possible excuse to party. There’s no better way to celebrate a special day than by dressing up and blacking out. Did I spent $200 on a red, white, and blue bikini because I actually care about the thirteen colonies being united into a nation? Nope. Did you think I invited 350 of my closest friends to your grad school acceptance party because I’m actually proud of your academic accomplishments? Guess again. I’m in it for the party.

However, there are a few certain days of the year that betches hate. While these days should be happy, celebratory times, we would rather stay home and watch Desperate Housewives reruns. Here are the five worst days of the year:




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