50 Cent Is Poor, Files For Bankruptcy | Betches

50 Cent Is Poor, Files For Bankruptcy

By Pretty Little Betch

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy today.  Oh, Curtis. 

It turns out both his assets AND his debts are in the range of $10 million to $50 million.  So lol.  They cancel each other out.  Just a few days ago, Fiddy was scheduled to testify in a $5 million sex tape trial after he posted a private sex video of rival Rick Ross’ baby mama online which literally made her want to kill herself.  TOO FAR, CURTIS, TOO FAR.

The jury needed him to turn in a net worth statement and his state/federal tax returns from the past five years so they could determine more damages (in addition to the $5 mil) for the woman’s embarrassment.  But he has no money, so he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

I got 21 Questions for you, 50.  How?!  Why??  Will you still take me to the candy shop?  W/e good luck to you.




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