6 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn From The Hills | Betches

6 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn From The Hills

When you think about how quickly the downtrodden derelict women of The Hills dominated reality TV, it becomes evident that this whoresome foursome knew what they were doing. By which I mean, they were really good at taking orders, feigning interest, and looking pretty. Since we know The Hills was a straight up FUCKING lie, this is all a moot point, but just in case you're slower than Audrina Patridge on her best day, DO NOT—I repeat—DO NOT take life advice from the women (children?) of The Hills. Do, however, take inadvertent beauty advice from them. Such as:

I would bet my life and dog that this is LC's biggest regret. Like, if she were to write one of those "Things I'd Tell My 15-Year-Old Self" articles all it would say was "buy waterproof mascara buy waterproof mascara" and maybe "Stephen Colletti loves dick." IDK IDK IDK but it's fun to dream.




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