6 Betchy Things We Learned From Our Moms | Betches

6 Betchy Things We Learned From Our Moms

This Sunday is a special day when we remember the woman who gave the gift of us to the world. Our moms were the original betch, and though at times we may disagree on things like whether social media is a real job or not, our moms taught us many things, including the following.

A passive aggressive comment from our moms about what we're eating for lunch or if we'd be allowed to go to the dance or not ("You don't have to come home tonight at curfew, I don't have to let you go to the dance on Friday, no big deal.") was much more effective than anyone telling us what to do. Our moms taught us to use passive aggression to get what we want, and that people respond better to the nice tone of our voice and the looming fear of our power to ruin everything.




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