5 Classic Books Every Betch Should Read | Betches

5 Classic Books Every Betch Should Read

By Betch Waldorf

Being a betch isn’t just about having a pretty face- although that is still an absolute non-negotiable necessity- it’s also about being somewhat cultured in shit that really matters. Education is the key to success and success is basically business code for getting everything you fucking want. Take notes, losers.

Thankfully, there are actual successful people who have written books that speak to us spiritually. These, of course, are books that are written by successful assholes that talk about sex, drugs, drinking and other great shit. If you want to go be some boring ass person for the rest of your life, by all means go read Mark Twain or like Judy Blume. But if you are trying to be a betch in the real world, you need to be well-versed.




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