Thou Shalt Not Commit These 6 House Party Fouls | Betches

Thou Shalt Not Commit These 6 House Party Fouls

Betches know how to throw down. We just do. But just because you know how to get lit doesn't mean you're a hot mess who no one wants to invite when there's alcohol present.

Whether you're the host of a party or just the most important person on the guest list, you should know how to behave when you're at an event. You expect people to act similarly as well, even if they're drunk as shit. It's not rocket science, it's just human decency. Here's a list of shit you should do at house parties if you want everyone to hate you and think you're the worst. 

Accidents happen. A drink is spilled, a glass is broken, a piece of pizza is dropped on the floor—that's a list of things that will happen if you host a party. You assume that's the damage and you're fine with that. If someone goes out of their way to break shit for no fucking reason, they've gone too far. There's just no reason you need to smash a glass, fuck up someone's coffee table or smash a chair. It's not WWE, it's a party. Get your shit together.




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