6 Things Every Betch Should Know About Wine | Betches

6 Things Every Betch Should Know About Wine

By LaBetch James

There are a few rules about wine that every betch should know:

Wine is delicious.

Wine will probably give you a hangover.

Wine occasionally can, and will, lead to bad decisions.

But beyond these well-known aspects of wine drinking, every self-respecting betch should also be equipped with a deeper understanding of the greatest gift to ever come from grapes. And since millennials are annually drinking a casual 42 percent of all wine consumed, consider it your civic duty to keep getting fucked up on wine (and know a little bit about wine in the process).

The grapes that make Cabernet Sauvignon have the highest production rate in the world at 6.3 percent of the globe's market. Though the Cabernet Sauvignon grape originated in France, it's now grown in nearly every major wine producing country because it grows super fucking well in every climate.




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