6 Thoughts Every Betch Has While Apartment Hunting | Betches

6 Thoughts Every Betch Has While Apartment Hunting

In realtor speak, spring and summer make up the “on-season” for home buying, selling, and moving in general. Duh. No one wants to move when it’s fucking cold outside.

Whether you’re house or apartment hunting for your first post-grad place, somewhere to stay during your summer internship, or just looking to move for some sort of existential-crisis-induced life change, there are some thoughts we all have when on the prowl for a decent place to live.

When you find that perfect place that has Carrara marble countertops, a walk-in shower, washer and dryer in-unit, and also lands in your ideal location, be prepared to be disappointed. As a millennial, you probably have about three dollars in your wallet right now. Every place you actually want to live will be insanely out of your budget. Get ready to make some sacrifices.




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