7 Beauty Staples You Need For Fall | Betches

7 Beauty Staples You Need For Fall

By Betch Du Jour

Let me just get something off my perfect, albeit non-surgically enhanced, chest: Nothing puts me in a shittier mood more than a crowded Starbucks. It's literally so rude that customers just hop on the PSL train and don't even care that I've been putting in real man-hours (1 trenta iced coffee, 1/2 ice, 3/4 packet of splenda, 4 times a day) all year long. But whatever, I guess this is what fall means for us now. I guess this is my life for the next three months.

That being said, at least fall allows us to shop for new beauty products with #noregrets because everyone knows that a change in season means a change in your beauty routine. Just make sure to add the following seven staples to your list, fucking duh.




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