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7 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Unfollowed

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Due to my ever-decreasing bullshit tolerance, I’ve been on an unfollowing spree. Unfriending someone is kind of harsh (as we’ve discussed before) and should only be used as a last resort if someone you used to vaguely associate truly sucks. There is no greater sense of freedom than finally clicking the “unfollow” button on someone who annoys the shit out of you. If you care at all about your dignity you’ll read, and subsequently avoid, these behaviors that will get you unfollowed A$AP Rocky.

My personal rule of thumb is, I rarely post something for everyone to read unless it does something for the people reading it: i.e., something funny or thought-provoking, or a cute puppy video, otherwise, who tf actually cares? Granted, I'm in the minority but I feel like if more people did this once in a while the internet would be a much better place. If you really have a burning need to tell someone that you ate a grilled cheese, tell your mom. It’s her job to care, not mine.




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