What To Eat So Your Skin Doesn't Look Like Shit | Betches

What To Eat So Your Skin Doesn't Look Like Shit

By Betch Du Jour

If I could undo all of the terrible shit I've forced upon my body (i.e. mostly drugs, alcohol, and a little bit of poorly placed Restalyne) I would look at least 3 years younger. But I'm not a fucking magician and this isn't the set of some Bravo show. Instead, I actually have to work at maintaining my youthful glow. Though I was blessed with an ineffable radiance, there are certain foods I try to eat that help my complexion look its best (which is very hard because I'm rarely hungry). Here are some things you can also attempt to eat so your skin will be less reflective of your suboptimal life choices. 

Though these little fuckers look like the limbs of ginger demon babies, they have valuable nutrients for your skin. Vitamin C is essential to collagen production, which is essential to maintaining smooth skin, and sweet potatoes have a shit ton of Vitamin C.




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