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7 Summer Regrets No Betch Should Have

By Blackout Betch

With the end of summer closer than the end of the Drake and Meek Mill feud (take a shot every time someone talks about it – includes your old AF coworkers so yes, you should bring vodka to work), betches start to have some regrets.

We obvs regret not doing all the things we said we would like lose 5 pounds, have a steamy summer fling, and update our resume (JK this was just a lie to our parents), but at the same time we have this lingering feeling that there are some things we actually did do that warrant more than just a Sunday morning regret. This shit is what we look back on come September and be like, “I fucked up real hard.”

Well, we’re here to say screw that – what happens during the summer stays in the summer. Don’t let that shit drag you down after you put away your Triangl for the season. Unless you got lip injections to look like Kylie Jenner, it really could be much, much worse.

Here’s a short list of things no betch should regret after a summer full of drinking too much tequila and listening to “Cheerleader” too many times.




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