7 Things That Are Bad For Me, But I DGAF | Betches

7 Things That Are Bad For Me, But I DGAF

By The Betches

One thing I cannot fucking stand, besides the hundreds of other things I cannot stand in this world, people who are constantly tell me “you know that’s bad for you.” Any betch who is living her life correctly has probably gotten this comment from someone in their life. Maybe it’s your mom or your roommate or the dirty hippy coworker whose wig is made of his mom's chest hair, whatever. People who are constantly saying “that’s bad for you” are basically haters who are trying to hide their hate with a mask of concern. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

I would argue that there are a million things in society that people do that are considered “bad for you”, but I don’t need to call them out because a) it’s none of my business and b) I do not give a fuck. Unless I’m doing meth or still listening to the Jonas Brothers, I really don’t need you to fucking patronize me. In case you didn’t know, the show “Intervention” got cancelled in 2013, so back the fuck up.

I have compiled a list of things that I will constantly be told are “bad for me”, but I’m never going to stop doing. 




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