The 8 Most Ridiculous Pumpkin Spice Items Betches

The 8 Most Ridiculous Pumpkin Spice Flavored Things

By Say Yes To The Betch

Once upon a time, ordering a PSL wasn’t something you were victimized for. In fact, it wasn’t even called a PSL. It was just another flavored latte that made you feel like you were getting into the fall spirit while staying caffeinated AF. Basic bitches around the globe have taken the pumpkin spice industry to a new level that no one asked for, and we figured it was time to round up the most ridiculous pumpkin items of the season. Here’s the lineup:

This sounds like some sick joke someone made up when they were baked out of their mind. Like, what’s the worst possible combination of flavors out there and how can we serve it to people spread on a bagel?




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