9 Times Drake And RIhanna Was All Of Us| Betches

9 Times Drake And Rihanna Were All Of Us With Our Backburner Bro

By Miss Ameribetch

Ever since Drake confessed his love to Rihanna at the VMAs, he’s officially dethroned Disney princesses as our source of unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. I mean even if it’s just a publicity stunt choreographed by their publicists, we know in our heart of hearts that Drake just wants to take care of RiRi. Their will they/won’t they relationship is basically all of us. Here’s every moment between Drake and Rihanna that perfectly explains what it’s like to be a betch in love.


Remember when Rihanna went down in flames with her relationship with Chris Brown? All along Drake was in the sidelines, like the good backburner bro he was, waiting to swoop in and save the day. Even though we should know better, we end up with the shady bro just like Rihanna stayed with Chris Brown.




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